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Sky Vacations can customize any tour to ensure you get the vacation of your dreams. No matter what type of experience you are searching for, Sky Vacations can coordinate the details to your exact specifications and alleviate the worry and stress of the travel planning process. If you want a tour within any of the following categories, give us a call today and book the trip of a lifetime!

Religious/Faith Based
Jain temples in India. Pilgrimages in Europe. Along with the ability to customize a faith-based tour, Sky Vacations has pre-built tour packages so you can experience a trip with a deep spiritual meaning to enrich your life.
Are you part of a church group or a religious organization? We have a Groups Department available to help you create a multifaceted and complex faith-based trip.



Walking through the vineyards of France. Smelling the flavorful aromas in Argentina. Experiencing Italy’s finest vino.
For the wine enthusiast, there is a world full of wineries and vineyards to delight your palate. Book a delectable, customized wine tour today.


Sometimes a traveler really wants to just get away from it all. From exploring terrain in the Peruvian rainforest to soaking in a steaming European hot spring, our team can ensure you have the opportunity to get in touch with nature.


Imagine building a vacation around a region’s most famous foods. From foodies to culinary-enthusiasts, bring the spice of life into your world with a fun and tasty gastronomy or culinary tour. Travelers can explore local hotspots while enjoying the finest fresh foods.


Immersing in a culture can be an exciting and eye-opening experience. For the cultural tourist, Sky Vacations can help open doors to new worlds and our established local presence can help guide you along the way.


Also known as Voluntourism, spending some time helping others in the world is perfect for those looking to give back. Sky Vacations can help you build this type of complex trip.


Part of a $500 billion industry, wellness and fitness tourism is a great way for health enthusiasts to bond in a peaceful environment. Health coaches, yoga teachers and fitness instructors are frequently creating tourism opportunities for their students and clients. Join a tour or create your own!


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